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As the FED backs off the election year.

The 5 Online course session is about as taxing as taking a drivers’ license exam.

The stocks accumulation plan is just like the plan that makes Microsoft employees rich after they’ve been with the company for a while.

Those employees were better off because their plan is about the company, which they know is a good deal, instead of worrying about the stock market and all the baloney they hear on TV about it.

Instead of worrying about “trading” they just stick to their job, and accept the stock options they receive as compensation. Fortunately for them, they aren’t allowed to touch the options, and so they hold on. Because of the long term value of the position, the options on Microsoft stock make the employees rich. If they stay long enough, and hold on to their stock options, they retire as millionaires.

This is exactly the plan we are following. We gather the equity ownership in companies that are serving humanity and doing it profitably. We make money by committing a little of our own money, and a lot of the world’s money. First we practice.

This is your chance to learn how it’s done – how the best companies in the world make investors rich, and to protect you at the beginning, we do the investing using a practice account. We never use real money until we are confident we know exactly how to execute our plan.

Once we are done with the theory part, we take you to actual buying of great businesses. This is just like the finial driving lesson – when the student takes over control.

First we take you through a carefully built 5 lesson course, designed to build your confidence and knowledge, then put you in the drivers’ seat.

Our warrantee is exceptionally simple. Once Daniel has taken you through all the lessons, going through them with you one at a time, you get to start investing on your own, with your teacher looking on to make sure your confidence and knowledge hold up.

Dan’s promise to you is simple and fool-proof. If f you feel you still need more instructions- he will stick with you until you say, “Ok I got it” You’ll never be left on your own until feel totally ready!


Here’s what our clients says…

I was surprised to see what high percentage results can be obtained with small dollar amounts while learning. I look forward to additional “AH-HA” moments that I am sure will occur from Dan’s classes.”

David Tybor

I have doubled my money in about 2 months using dans strategies with options and taken profits. The leverage you get with these options are incredible!! Thank you dan and elisea for sharing all your wisdom. God bless you both”

Bob Hughes

Dan’s inner circle is awesome. Nobody can peel back the layers of the market dynamics like Dan. I am pretty sure that is a lost art and is definitely worthy of the hall of fame for market analysis.

David Gensh

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