Today, more than at any time since the spread of Christianity 2000 years ago, the world is coming together to create opportunity for a better life for each of us. Billions of people in every part of the world, are now able to see the lifestyle that we Americans take for granted, and they are determined to have all of it. They are determined to move out of their villages with no electricity.

They are determined to let their children have the same kind of college education that we take for granted. They want their kids to be doctors and accountants and lawyers, or beauticians or plumbers – and they know now that this is within their grasp.


They want a TV for every member of the family, a car for every member of the family, a telephone number for every member of the family. They want to be able to stop their car or pull into a parking space and order anything they want on Amazon or Walmart, via their digital smart phone, and receive it within 24 hours.

This is not about a few early adopters. We are talking about tens of millions of people in India, China, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. The devices and digital platforms they are gaining access to in the millions are largely American inventions by companies any of us can easily own. Our free market makes it possible for any and all of us to easily own and profit from the companies that are enabling this unstoppable transformation of our world. The key to freedom and wealth is information. We know that today’s most valuable currency is knowledge, and we are totally committed to turning this knowledge into unlimited opportunity for our members and students.

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