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Mastering the Changing World: Investing with Growth Stocks and Long-term Options


Every broker and most online instruction push traders into risky options of 3 months or less. They turn the greatest opportunity in history into a plain old gambling casino. On the other hand, 99% of companies with rising sales and rising profits see their stocks generate profits and their long-term options create massive wealth. Everyone knows they can and do make their patient and knowledgeable investors rich. Now you can learn exactly how it’s done.

Daniel Frishberg has been training professionals for decades, and now is his chance to give back by opening the opportunities to regular Americans like you. At every step of the way, we incorporate instruction with your own paper-money-practice-account, allowing every student and member to learn with no financial risk, until each has attained the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed. The five weekly lessons are designed to make highly profitable investors out of students with little or no prior knowledge about investment, the stock market, or the free market. Thousands of previously frustrated Americans are finally being allowed to access to knowledge and skills that have been jealously guarded by rich Wall Street Insiders.

After sixty years as an investor, and thirty years as a famous Wall Street insider, Dan shares the inside secrets from the front line, that have been going on without you all your investing life. You’ve known about it, but just haven’t known how to gain access. Dan sees this as his big chance to give back to the country that has so richly blessed his personal and professional life.

The five weekly lessons are known as the Frishberg Investment System. The plan is tailored to ensure that each student who joins and participates in this training will attain the mastery that opens the door to the most important opportunities ever offered to humans anywhere in our world. The digital transformation that is accelerating and spreading throughout the world right now. The lessons are highlighted below:


Opportunity indeed abounds, but how do you identify the most promising ones? What are the unique characteristics of the most promising opportunities? What are the features of a once in-a-lifetime opportunity? When you identify the most promising opportunity, you will be on the right course to begin your definitive and objective study of the opportunity?


The next step is to evaluate and research the promising opportunities you have identified. This is the stage where you learn exactly where to get the information you need, and how to probe each opportunity to eliminate all but the very few that offer your investment’s greatest returns with the greatest safety and reliability.


Now you are ready for the meat. Here you learn how to make the acquisition at the right time, using the right tools, at the right price, and under the optimum conditions. Knowledge and information without action will not generate the rewards that are destined to earn for you the life you have always wanted. You will learn to start at your attained level and build from there. You will find that with the proper skills and knowledge, combined with precise and effective action, the rewards are waiting for you. You have spent your life watching other reap those rewards. Now it is your turn.


This lesson will give you the vital tools to monitor your investment by studying and analyzing the progress and continuing profitability of your company’s ongoing operations. Through our professional expertise and over 60 years of experience, we are uniquely positioned position to help you master the tools you will employ to monitor your investments and how to make appropriate and necessary adjustments along the way to profitsand security.

Take Profit

This is the final step that makes everything worthwhile and delivers a beaming smile to the diligent investor. We will teach you howand when to take profits from your investment, and when the optimum move is to redeploy your capital in another carefully chosen opportunity.

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