Pick Dan's Brain Option

Learn techniques on how to  make money in the stock market.



If you’ve heard it said right here, with enough leverage, you can multiply your investing strength and move mountains. So think about it. How would you like to own companies like Roku or MasterCard or Raytheon and put down as little as five or 10%. To unlock the treasure chest of one limited upside gains, you can, all the while drastically reducing your risk. And you can do it with zero borrowing costs. You just need that leverage and a little no harm. 

So Dan frishberg is going to allow you to pick his brain to better understand the concept of leverage. These are special online training sessions called the pick Dan’s brain options service, you can use just a little bit of money to potentially make incredible returns. If you want to make real money, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this once in a blue moon opportunity. 

All you have to do to try it is go online and register so you can see the results for yourself. The cost is next to nothing. And look what’s waiting for you. 

Each week Dan will discuss a few detailed trades, quality actionable trades, you get detailed instructions on buying and selling specific put and call options. 

The pick Dan’s brain options service shares, specific underlying stocks, expiration dates, strike prices, and shows you how much money you could make instantly. It’s then frishberg time tested, proven money making discipline that he’s used for 50 years to make himself and a lot of other people rich. 

Lots of other benefits are waiting for you to if you just register at the money man.com that’s all one word, the money man.com For the pick Dan’s brain options service. This is about teaching you the knowledge and skills. It’s your responsibility to apply these skills and knowledge to your specific situation. 

Here’s the fool-proof way to know which of the experts is worth paying attention to…

benefit A

You’ll benefit from Dan’s well-known, multiyear study of which experts have been right most of the time.

benefit B

s an STOCK, BOND AND OPTIONS BULLETIN SUBSCRIBER, you’ll share in Dan’s lifetime of experience as he guides you to the best teachers, the best stock pickers, the best options strategists.

Quarterly Plan

$ 375
  • Weekly LIVE Session
  • Full Access to all Archive Videos
  • Weekly Insights of the market
  • Q&A with Dan
  • Quarterly Renewal

Yearly Plan

$ 5000
  • Weekly LIVE Session
  • Full Access to Archive Videos
  • Weekly Market Insights
  • Q&A with Dan
  • Auto-renew Yearly


Here’s what our clients says…

I was surprised to see what high percentage results can be obtained with small dollar amounts while learning. I look forward to additional “AH-HA” moments that I am sure will occur from Dan’s classes.”

David Tybor

I have doubled my money in about 2 months using dans strategies with options and taken profits. The leverage you get with these options are incredible!! Thank you dan and elisea for sharing all your wisdom. God bless you both”

Bob Hughes

Dan’s inner circle is awesome. Nobody can peel back the layers of the market dynamics like Dan. I am pretty sure that is a lost art and is definitely worthy of the hall of fame for market analysis.

David Gensh